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A multimedia design company focused on immersive experiential design, augmented reality, social activism, and community outreach. We provide a complete experience from visual design to augmented reality while taking a user-centered approach. We are active among local artists and organizations looking for social engagement via new media.

Deep Space Drive-In Team

Travis Powell


Travis graduated with a BFA from the University of Denver’s Emergent Digital Practices program in 2016 with distinction. His thesis revolved around how memory is affected by current perception and vice versa. After graduating he pursued these concepts by moving into augmented reality, projection mapping and immersive installation, working with establishments like the Museum of Outdoor Arts, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance and Denver School of the Arts for projections and as a freelance photographer and VJ. Since founding DSDI he has also engaged in more community work, trying to provide a space and community for collaboration, to help local artists thrive. Travis is currently the CEO at Deep Space Drive-In.

Geoffrey Dohrmann

Co-Founder/Lead Designer

Geoffrey Dohrmann is an immersive artist and interactive designer originally from Chicago. He graduated from University of Denver in 2016 with a BA in Emergent Digital Practices. After college Geoff worked in graphic design for a year before completing a graduate certificate in information technology with a focus on web design. The base of code education facilitated moving into immersive art and interactive design with Deep Space Drive-In as it was an intersection between his art and computer science education. Currently, he serves as Artistic Director and develops interactive new media concepts that engage audiences with motion/sonic information tracking. Geoffrey engages in community outreach and social activism and was featured in several publications for leading DSDI’s Monday Night Activism projections series featuring activism pieces from artists and organizations across the country.